Shop Design

Designing Process

Our customers wish to fulfil their dreams in their retail space. They may dream of an outlet filled with customers. They may wish to realise a groundbreaking idea, a classy store that stands out from its competition or to offer exhausted urban customers a spot for rejuvenation. Whatever their dreams may be, SAGAR General Trading makes it a reality. With the deepest knowledge of endless material choices and actual technological experience gained from hundreds of applications, our experts can make your dreams come true and ensure the earliest pay-off of your investments.

Project Study

SAGAR specializes in the areas of retail consulting, retail design in terms of refrigeration, shelving and other shop & store furniture. We develop space concepts that combine all aspects of architecture, design, marketing and sales. We bring together target groups, product range, space and brand with high design standards which guarantees the security of your investment in every project phase. We carry out turn-key refrigeration and shop fitting projects that represent integral solutions. We participate in existing projects and integrate our experience with your ideas.

Project Development


  • Analysis of the location
  • Understanding customer's wishes and requirements
  • Retail design in terms of refrigeration and ambience
  • Sales program
  • Required equipment
  • Selection of equipment 
  • Price segmentation
  • Creating a conceptual design, based on the inputs
  • Ensuring adherence to modern trends and technology
  • Analysing the project together with the customer
  • Specifying the equipment (type, colours, materials, etc.)
  • Specifying the elements of the store interior (flooring, ceiling, walls, etc.) at a conceptual level
  • Additional elements of the store interior (conceptual design of the lighting, graphic design elements, decorative elements, etc.)


  • Ordering the equipment
  • Controlling production of equipment
  • Transferring the project to commercial adjustment phase
  • Supervision at the location (adapting the equipment tony changes that occur on the spot)
  • Installation and commissioning 
  • After sales service
  • Annual maintenance agreements
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